Philip Kotler is the father of digital marketing. This marketing is to arrive at consumers through the use of the internet. SEO, social media, search engines, smart devices, and other channels. It mainly works one key goal through various strategies and various routes. inaugurate the awareness that generates traffic is processed together with strategies.

Types of marketing

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is the first and foremost digital marketing. It includes keyword or keyword the website it takes in traffic. It is chiefly used for paid and unpaid means. Especially it is mainly succored you to ranking your website in the search engines.

The paid things are most usual  some of the paid things are given below

  • Placement paid
  • Inclusion paid
  • Search shop paid
  • Search local paid
  • Video search paid
  • Product ads paid.

Search engine optimization

It is similar to search engine marketing. Especially in organic traffic creation in the website and keyword phrases involvement. It is vital to all the processing companies to drives and leads. Search engine optimization carries out the image content as well as the audio content. On the other hand, it was an exercise with the ongoing strategies.

Pay per click

Advertisers are ready to pay the market successfully sets of google ads prices, Instead, they use google setting ads. Especially the location is very important and working incredibly tyan the real estate work. The most precious codeword is insurance and it helps to buy the pay-per-click advertisement easily. If the interact users press on your webpage, Your page should be ranking in the first three PPC slots.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is worldwide famous marketing .facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter is the great platform of digital marketing. Social media marketing holdup trendy groups of prospective clients. Both  Long term and short term campaigns are easily handled by social media marketing. It is mainly played a leading role for commercial or business purposes. Many a number of businesses invest only in this type of marketing.

Content marketing

Content marketing is mainly for the purpose to optimize the brand, authority, and products. Many strategies like authenticity, personalization, remarketing, etc are followed. Content marketing shields many of the faces  are
Video audio podcasts,books ,infographics ,newsletters ,webinars,free guides etc

Email marketing

Email marketing is preferred by all users. It mainly works for three purposes like welcome series, promotional content, newsletters. Around three-fourth of customers used email marketing than social media.

Influencers and affiliate marketing

It is mainly originated for good reasons and its most famous marketing categories buying decisions and suggestions are correlated for consumers. So the consumers widely used these marketing social media celebrities are interact with the audience on Twitter. So it considers as the most occupied area by influencers. Digital marketings income is being processed due to the affiliate marketing.

Viral marketing

Viral marketing is the technique of creating or inaugurating codewords related to the modern world. Viral marketing shiels some fo the facets are online PR analytics

  • Online PR outreach
  • Online PR strategy
  • Reputation management
  • Influencer marketing

It is mainly engaged with certain demographics and stayed with it. This gives the successful viral marketing.

Radio Marketing

Radio advertising is mainly used for advertising techniques. Millennials generation X, baby boomers are the users of radio advertising.

Television Marketing

Television advertising is a wide trend. Good advertisement could not exhibit a single message, it operates more than the audience reacts. Many of the video streaming services are played. So it reverses the television industry by some changes recently.

Mobile  Marketing

Mobile advertising engine activity lesser the work for computers. The theme of the marketing is to exhibit product via app engine optimization